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Shop vegan leather - Fetish Fashion for the future

Shop vegan leather - Fetish Fashion for the future

MR. Riegillio’s Vegan Leather Collection is a goldmine of alluring attire that straddles leather and sport fetishwear. We’ve truly got so much to offer in this collection! Wear without guilt, since it’s cruelty free, not dependent on any animal product - also, it looks and feels ooooh, so sexy. Shop our tracksuits for a complete sport look, great for cruising the streets or a(not so) quiet night at home. Shop the rest of our collection for opportunities to mix and match yourself into a fantastic outfit. Our shorts and tanks go great together or on their own with your favorite accompaniments. Our MR. 5 Pocket Pants are vegan leather jeans that we’re very proud of, definitely give them a peek 👀 !!! 


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MR. Vegan Gloves - Long at MR. RiegillioMR. Vegan Gloves - Long at MR. Riegillio
MR. Vegan Gloves - Long
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You’ll soon find out what all the FUSS is about!
It’s easy to see why vegan leather material is the fetish fabric of the future! We’re designing garments with the future-minded fetishist in mind. Our vegan leather men’s products are the highest quality while retaining maximum touch appeal. It’s more stain and moisture resistant than conventional leather at a fraction of the cost. We’re creating leather fetish fashion that free from animal cruelty and doesn’t rely on any animal related industries. For fetish, for fun, for peace of mind!!!