1 year anniversary!

​W​ow! ​Goosebumps​!​​
​1 year ago we started our fashion brand and it was a roller coaster​​, who would imagine that so much could happen in just one year.​ From nothing to ... well, we are not there yet, but hell! We did manage to do some amazing stuff!

With more than 6K active (and real!) followers on Insta and every month >100K views on ​Pinterest, dazzling numbers! And the only reason we are where we are today is YOU.
Yeah, it sounds really cliche, but we truly thank you for that. Without all your support, sweet words and orders (we love orders!:D ) it wouldn't have been an adventure as it is today. So let's celebrate!

Sorry my dear, but during our anniversary week some specific terms apply:

- No other coupons/discounts are possible.
- The following collections are excluded: Mister B, Sk8erboy, #SNEAKERPORN, Mr Riegillio giftcards and Master of the House. 
- Full camo items (both joggers and hoodies) and other pre orders are excluded.
- Shipment costs does not count for the spent.
- Our anniversary week ends Sunday 19th May at midnight CET.

THNX FOR THE LOVE and happy shopping!



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