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Blue PVC Tracksuit Pants - Black Stripes

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Presenting a blue new version of one of our classic favorites - a shiny blue PVC tracksuit with black stripes! The sexy, sound-making material hasn’t changed but we’re presenting in a vibrant royal blue color. The cut is athletic, with jogger styling, and features fitted cuffs at the ankle and an elasticized drawstring waistband. Completing these comfort-lined PVC pants are zippered, side pockets, a round MR. logo on the left front pocket and a Thru Zip! We’ve turned our sporty PVC tracksuits SPORTIER but kept them stunningly sexy. 

We’re adding this new design and color to the PVC family, but we’re likely still up to many of our old tricks 👅 🧨  These PVC tracksuits are the ultimate for mix and match styling! Dress it up together with the matching pants for the complete look with your favorite fresh sneaks - always a hit! …Or mix it up with boots, your favorite T-shirt and any jacket for another instant classic look! 

Product Notes:
- See Sizing Chart on this page to determine your perfect size!
- PVC is a non-elastic material, if it has been stretched it will not return to its original finish/shape.
- Keep your PVC looking TOP with Gloss PVC/Vinyl Cleaner and these handy tips.