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Bisexual Pride Flag 90cm x 150cm

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Show them your Bisexual Pride! You are proud to be into men and women and we love that! Bisexuality is a sexual identity that means one who identifies as a man or a woman has either a romantic, emotional and or sexual attraction toward both men and women.

Show the world that you are bisexual and proud of it with this large, light, yet sturdy flag. Though bisexuality has existed forever both with humans and in animal species, the flag to flaunt it has only been around since the 1990s. The Bisexual Pride Flag has a pink bar at the top and a royal blue one at the bottom, with a purple bar in the middle. The pink represents same-gender attraction, the royal blue represents opposite-gender attraction and the purple represents attraction to more than one gender. Bisexuality is typically grounded in the idea of gender as a binary concept, but many people have opened up their definitions to be more inclusive lately.

The flag is 90 cm tall by 150 cm long, digitally printed in one piece on polyester, with a stable side edge and two eyelets for fastening.