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Pink PVC Tracksuit Pants - White Stripes

Sale price€89.95

Presenting a hot new version of one of our classic favorites - a pink PVC tracksuit with white stripes! The sexy, sound-making material hasn’t changed but we’re presenting it in a vibrant pink color. We’ve turned our sporty PVC tracksuits SPORTIER but kept them stunningly sexy. What are you waiting for? Grab these unbelievably sexy pants now! 

  • Athletic cut with jogger styling
  • Fitted cuffs at the ankles
  • Elasticized drawstring waistband
  • Two zippered side pockets
  • White MR. logo on the upper left leg
  • Two white stripes along the legs

Product Notes:
- See the size chart on this page to determine your perfect size!
- PVC is a non-elastic material, if it has been stretched it will not return to its original finish/shape.
- Keep your PVC looking TOP with Gloss PVC/Vinyl Cleaner and these handy tips.