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Rubber Pride Fetish Flag 90 x 150 cm

Sale price€14.95

Wear your rubber and wave the flag with pride! Rubber fetishism is the attraction to wearing rubber clothing, the garment itself or to those wearing it. For some, it’s about the tight feeling of a second skin on the body, or it’s the shiny look but for most, it’s both. Some popular rubber wear is leggings, wet suits, gas masks, pants or body restraints. Rubber is a turn-on for many and the community has grown in popularity and visibility over the years.

Show the world that you are into rubber and proud of it with this large, light, yet sturdy flag. The Rubber Pride Flag was created in 1995 by rubber kinksters, Peter Tolos and Scott Moats. Designed to ‘’reflect the sensory, sensual, and mental passion we have for rubber" they said.  The black color is meant to represent the lust for the look and feel of shiny black rubber, the red symbolizes the passion for rubber and rubber kinksters and the yellow highlights the drive for intense rubber play and fantasy. And for obvious reasons, the design also features a literal kink in the stripes.

The flag is 90 cm tall by 150 cm long, digitally printed in one piece on polyester, with a stable side edge and two eyelets for fastening.