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Shiny Nylon Tracksuit Pants - Silver Panels

Sale price€39.98 Regular price€79.95

Submit to your shiny, sweaty urges and slip yourself into these sexy all Shiny Nylon Tracksuit Pants! 🔥🔥

 The enticing colors and design are nothing less than a feast for the eyes…and the senses. Things start to heat up pretty fast once you’ve got these pants fastened at your waist. The nylon creates a hot box effect and these pants will be clinging to your every curve in no time.   While the tracksuit pants cling to your body, the coloured panels become more sheer and make your silhouette even sexier (and shinier)!

These pants have an elasticized waistband and ankle cuffs for a sporty look, with two zippered, front pockets for your treasures. A black ‘MR. RIEGILLIO’ decal logo runs down both legs.