All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go!

It’s 2021 and the pandemic is dragging on and wearing on us!

Clubs/Bars: Closed!
Gear Nights/Festivals: CANCELLED!
Restaurants/Cafes: Not. The. Same!
Shopping/Social Meetups: Nope! UGH!!!!

So, what does this have to do with the fetish/kink scene, other than creating massive levels of disappointment? DRUMROLL...People are exploring new fetishwear in the privacy of their own homes and experimenting with other kinky experiences! Now, more than ever, actually!
While we’re not fans of the pandemic(at all!), we couldn’t be happier that people are straying outside of their comfort zones, trying new things that are exhilarating to them and having a good time, all things considered(we’re looking at YOU, Coronavirus!).

Toys, fetishwear and kinkier topics are trending in the cyberscape(you’re not the only one ;)~ ), and things are definitely heating up online! Grab some gear and get in on the action!

People are now shopping for these thrilling items online, exploring at home and taking their own experiences right back online. Like-minded communities are growing via websites, social media and online parties. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s leather, latex or something kinkier, you can find it...and be part of a greater community of appreciators. Gear up and have some fun! Dressing up is a great way to kill some time, relieve some stress and get in touch with all aspects of yourself...without even having to leave home! Yay, belonging!

Taboos are so 2020! Why hold back?! Indulge yourself!

The MR. Riegillio team is always here to empower your fetish persona and provide you with the best fetish fashion available. Our fetish collections will excite and delight...treat yourself to that PVC tracksuit you’ve been eyeing. You’re among friends when you’re shopping with us and we love our online community of gear heads! Follow us on Insta or Twitter and see what some of our fans are up to ;)

We’d love to hear from you, feel free to drop us a note!

Stay Sane, Stay Safe, Stay Geared Up!

MR. Riegillio

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