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Feels great, looks great.
Really good advice from the site to ordera a size or two more than usual. I am usually a S/M and ordered L which fitted great.


Much like the pants, this top is amazing. Love the feel of full PVC ☺️


These pants, like all of Mr's clothing, are amazing. I live them. The feel off them is great ☺️

Is my butt getting big?

This is my very first purchase from Mr. that I’m not happy with. All my XXL gear ( pvc tracksuit pants,vegans leather tracksuit pants, pvc pants thru zip, and my new grey utility pants) all XXL in size and fit’s well but these shorts wear like large. Would have love to wear them out this summer. Maybe next summer

Logo T-shirt
top sexy

Great value and look so sexy

Blue PVC Tracksuit Pants - Logo

Fantastic fit.

I was astonished that based on my measurements I was ordering a size XXS, a size I would never order! When the shirt arrived, admittedly it was a tight fit, but with subsequent wearings, the leather gives and stretches a little and shapes itself to your body therefore becoming super comfortable and a perfect fit. The leather is gloriously soft to the touch. Highly recommended!!

Nice production high quality vegan leathers perfect in full look

Nice production high quality vegan leathers perfect with the according jogger pants


Very nice shirt, good quality, a soft hug to the body. Fits perfectly, I took small as I normally wear, and it's perfect.

PVC red stripes trackies

Love them, the fit is spot on. Great value as well. You can tell the guys at Mr Riegillio know their customers also care about the quality of the clothes.

Leather Shirt

Their products are always the best. Unbelievable leather.

Great quality

PVC Hoodie

Mister B Leather Belt Stitched 5 cm - Black

MR. Anorak Hoodie Grey

Sexy as hell

These shorts are awesome. The length is perfect and the fit on my arse is amazing, showing off what's on offer and every time I've worn my shorts I've had a great time. The perfect gear for summer.

Cinnamon Brown Light Leather Shirt

Cheap zipper

I like the product but when I first zipped it up the zipper came off the zip line

Sorry to hear that there is a defect. Why didn't you reach out to us so we could solve it? It would take the same amount of time as writing this review. Now we have a 2 star review, and you still have a jacket with a defect? ^Simon

Top notch slick black pants by Mr R sure deliver!

These pants feel great, better than leather they give a little more so are almost half way between leather and rubber, the cut is tight and body-hugging. I'm a fan!

Leather cap.

Love it, what more can I say! Fits a treat and just the thing!

Cargo pants

I send you my cargo pants back , cause too big! You got it?

Looks cool

Red socks red hat red underwear..I look mint! Alpha for an alpha male 💥

Amazing Buy

great quality , fast delivery , recommend highly ;)

OMG! So amazing

OMG, these are so amazing! I bought these along with the matching jacket - and they are so fantastic! The fit is brilliant and just right - everybody needs these in their gear collection, and there is no other place I would consider than MrRiegillio!