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Article: Sylven meets Sébastien

Sylven meets Sébastien

Sylven meets Sébastien

Hellow boys! SylvenV here with a new talk about fetish. This time I met Sébastien, a French open-minded kinkster. Let’s start reading to find more about this sexy lad!

Can you tell me more about yourself
I'm Sébastien (Sly_volpe4.0 on IG), I'm 25 years old, soon 26 the 16th june ,I'm French. I’m part of staff team at "EVIDENCE" fetish association in Nice I have been really in the fetish world for 3 years when I began my open relationship with my boyfriend Axel (Nateurdomi on IG). He has more experience than me so I learned a lot with him at the beginning, now I know exactly what I like or not.

I live and i work with him too, we are owner of French bakery/pastry shop in a small town in the South of France called "Bargemon" we are open 7/7 365/365 but we always find time for fetish even we start at 3h AM until 1h PM and more in with the afternoons in summer. We are very open and free in our relationship, so it enables us to do what we want without jealousy etc. Communication is the most important thing in our relationship 

What fetish and kinks do you have?
I am very open-minded and I like so many things on both sides as top or as bot I am totally versatile and switch. Mainly I prefer to wear sportswear like the MR. Riegillio PVC Tracksuit, soccer kit, sneakers,socks!

I love also where rubber like a second skin it improve sensuality and shape of bodies for me the biggest fetish I have its feel the plastic materials like Rubber, PVC, Nylon, Puffer jackets, all these shiny and smooth things make me so horny. I’m often sub when I'm in rubber because without visible skin you become a sexual object ready to use.

I like to wear puppy gear too and instantly become who you want under the puppy hood ,for my part I am more of an Alpha one, I can tame other sub puppies or be a Brat puppy in front of a Dom guy who wants to play with me. Depending on the moment and the guys in front of me It's fun to wear it and I think each puppy has his own way to play in it, all it's possible.

I like to wear Leather too because it's impressive ,it requires good posture I am mainly as a Dom Top in it, it's easier to play with leather a Dom but it's a bit too restrictive for me, that why I prefer sportswear and Rubber and you can mix them easier than Leather.

Can you tell me more about bondage & FF?
All in Bondage but mainly Shibari is a very artistic and restrictive thing when it's well executed ,Mummification ,Gags ,Sensory restriction. I try these practices with my BF. He is a Dom Top with a lot of experience in it and I totally trust him. I like Breathplay too, but I always play safe for all these things it's very important to know what you do. And the last kink I discovered is anal play with toys and Fist-Fucking. It's not only physical but more mental. You need to be calm and relaxed to have the best sensation. I really love it as top or bot. It’s an intimate connection with your partner and both take pleasure to make each other happy in it. That is why I don't do it with anybody. I begin since 1 years and now, I know I will continue for long time ^^

You are the owner of 2 pups Ankho & Tyrio; how did that start?
Tyrio and Ankho are two pups owned by me and my Boyfriend. They are totally new in the fetish world and we decide to learn them, practice and make them try what they want without judging them no matter what it is. They totally trust us and now we are like a kink family with a lot of kinks ,respect and communication. 

You film often for JustforFans  you shoot solo or together with your partner?
I decided to create virtual content on twitter and JFF  (Xxsly_volpexX). Because now I assume totally what I am and what I like to do. So why not have fun when I shoot in solo or with my Boyfriend or my subs? Everyone likes to be on my video but they prefer to keep their faces hidden for the moment. I am sometimes a Dom and sometimes a Sub. I like everything so I try to create different contents on it to please more people.

Which MR. Riegillio product are on your wishlist?
I would like to try heavy PVC so maybe a cargo short , stripe short,dungaree or something like that. There also the full black shiny tracksuit looks great. And a PVC pillow case for the playroom ;)Or in leather, the perforated tank top to try leather In other way as usual.

Are there kinks and stuff you want to explore?
There is gunge, I never really try it ,but play in the mud or slime will be fun I think And stuff I want try milking machine and be use with heavy restrictive gear on me ^^

And now I want to speak you about my fetish project I hope next year be candidate in a fetish election there isn't multifetish Mister yet in France it represents me better but maybe I will try Mister Rubber France it's the main fetish I suppose I can represent for France #fingerscrossed

Thank you Sébastien for your open view about your fetish life! Hope to see you soon in real life and boys don’t forget to check him out at twitter.

Xx SylvenV


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