Why I started my own label

This morning I've got the question why in the world we started a webshop like this. Maybe not a real odd question, but it was my aunt who asked me.... I was unaware of the fact that I was followed by my 14 y/o cousin who told her mother about the things she had seen.
To answer that question I have to go back in time because I have a great love for leather for a long, long time. I love men who wears a leather suit, uniform or just a sporty fetish pants with sneakers; call it a fetish ;)

Right now I have so many leather pants, shirts and jackets (56 jackets and still buying...) but there comes a time in your life that you become aware of your "fetish" and want to explore it. But do you dare?

In my case, I was terrified. At first I put on a fake leather pants in my bedroom and I was soo excited. Soon more items followed and the more and more I bought the more I got comfortable with it. On a certain point I was ready to take it more public and started posting photos on Instagram using hashtags like #gayleather and soon people with the same interest talked to me. But also, and I was surprised, asked me a lot of questions about how do you get those pants, or where is that sweater from, how do you combine everything? And an idea was born; I thought .. I need something to do with that!
In some way this resulted in thinking about my own brand. A combination of fetish and fashion. An idea that everyone can be himself. In the bedroom, in the club but also in public. And now we launched so many hot items and I have my own brand!
We are there for everyone, every man who wants a leather shirt, every young person who wants a PVC trousers to make a statement at a festival .. whatever!
young and old
thick and thin
black and white
it really doesn't matter.
Fuck the haters and love the lovers ..
wear what you wanna wear, especially on the streets!

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