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Progress Pride Flag 90cm x 150cm

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Be proud with this new symbol of pride and unity! This new version of the classic pride flag is a representation of both the diversity of our community and the progress we have made by supporting each other. Wave it from your balcony, your front door, wear it as a cape or simply carry it with you along your protest, march, walk, or any other celebration of LGBTQ lives.

Made with durable polyester, it is 90 x 150 cm in size. A flag is great way to show what you stand for!

Some information about the Progress Pride flag.

The first pride flag was flown in San Francisco during the pride event of 1978. It was created because the pink triangle was still the only symbol being used to represent the gay community at the time and because of its tragic history and sad association it was though that a new symbol was needed to help inspire and mobilize the community.

The rainbow flag quickly gained traction and was used year after year as a symbol of peace and unity for the LGBTQ+ community. After about five different versions and 40 years we now have the Progress Pride Flag you see today! It was created in 2018, but it was only through social media and the uprising of the BLM movement of 2020 that this new flag has made its way into our hands and hearts.

The Progress Pride Flag is the new symbol of unity for the LGBTQ+ community as it recognizes and visibly includes queer people of color and the trans community in its stripes. Progress is both the meaning of the flag and what we as a community hope for, to make the world safer and better for all LGBTQ+ people.