Darklands 2023:The Aftermath

We’ve mostly cleaned up all the mess…and we’re ready to go again!

Darklands in Antwerp is an annual event that’s not to be missed. We were honored to be a Platinum Sponsor again this year and it did NOT disappoint! We’ve been expanding our offerings at the festival and this year was a complete success. We got to meet so many new people at our marketplace pop-up, and we got to see so many familiar faces. Seeing people in our gear and having the best time is as exciting as it is humbling. Creating a community based on kinky acceptance and our gear is just the absolute BEST!

Thank You! Thank YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

Additional highlights from this year were the hospitality venues we sponsored. The Outpost Bar was a fun addition to the festival, while allowing festival goers and non-ticket holders a chance to get in on the excitement - Festival Adjacent!!! Grabbing a drink in the marketplace at The Trading post or exploring the entertainment at The House of Riegillio stage gave you so many options to share time with your fellow gear heads. Masters & slaves, pups & Handlers, twinks & hunks, bears & daddys and everyone in between dancing their ass off to the sound of the best beats of the pop-stars - AMAZING!

When all was said and done we were tired, but extremely satisfied (sound familiar?). If you were there, you know! If you weren’t there, buy your tickets early for 2024 and see you there!~

We’re definitely ready to start planning again!!!
Wanna see more Darklands pictures? Check out our Darklands page here!


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