Keep the Faith AND Fetish Alive in 2022

It’s been a long road, but we must carry on…and we must carry on wearing the kinky fetish gear that pushes our buttons! 🔥  While you might not be feeling very sexy lately(we understand) that doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up and have some fun!!! 😈  😈  😈

These past couple years have been challenging for fetish communities across the world, and all those individuals stuck inside their homes. Our varied and colorful communities are exactly that, communities, they are people, places and spaces that we have gathered together in the past. Those activities have been restricted in some way in all parts of the world since the beginning of this pandemic.🌍

Despite the isolation from one another and the greater communities, many cheeky kinksters have been inspired to find different ways to keep their kinks alive and foster their fetishes. Now more than ever, interacting via the internet can be a safe and easy way to establish connections with others that have shared <ahem!> interests. That’s right, Zoom isn’t just for work meetings anymore! 🍆 💧 Find some new (or old) friends who’d like to spend some time geared up and everyone shares their cam. Feel that familiar rush of getting dressed in your favorite fetish outfit - ensure your lighting showcases everything you’re bringing to the table?

While the impacts of this pandemic will continue long after it’s over, we truly hope the end is near and better geared-up times are just around the corner for our entire fetish family. The bars, the theme nights and the large festivals will be there to welcome us back. We’ll soon be with our community once again, with friends old…and NEW! Maybe you’d like to check out our newest pieces so you’re looking fresh when we get our chance to gather…or just get yourself something new to treat yourself! 

We at MR. Riegillio are honored and humbled by the amount of support we’ve received from our tribe. THANK YOU!!! 💋 💙 💋  We’re committed to offering our innovative designs as a contribution to the greater kink communities around the world! We truly are in this together. If you’d like to take part with us, check out our socials (Insta and Twitter). (We’ve got many gearhead followers that look amazing sporting our gear! 👀  👀  👀 ) 

As always, we offer community through empowerment and acceptance of EVERYONE! Respect your amazing unique selves, respect the amazing unique selves of everyone! Good vibes only.

In solidarity and with LOVE, 

MR. Riegillio


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