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Shop for all your gay fetish wear!

Shop for all your gay fetish wear!

MR. Riegillio is your one-stop, fetish shop when it comes to men’s fetish wear and fetish-forward fashions. We provide so many delicious, high-quality, fetish items to choose from in a variety of fetish genres. Explore your fetish of choice – classic leather items, slick and shiny PVC fetish clothing, or sexy rubberwear. Let our seductive materials and designs delight your senses and elevate your experiences. Empower your sensual and stylish personas with something fresh from our collections.


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Save 40%Black Leather Shirt at MR. RiegillioBlack Leather Shirt at MR. Riegillio
Black Leather Shirt
Sale price€125.97 Regular price€209.95
PVC Tracksuit Pants - WHITE STRIPESPVC Tracksuit Pants - WHITE STRIPES
PVC Tracksuit Pants - WHITE STRIPES
Sale price€89.95
Black Leather Tie at MR. RiegillioBlack Leather Tie at MR. Riegillio
Black Leather Tie
Sale price€39.95
PVC Tracksuit Jacket - WHITE STRIPESPVC Tracksuit Jacket - WHITE STRIPES
PVC Tracksuit Jacket - WHITE STRIPES
Sale price€109.95
Leather Harness at MR. RiegillioLeather Harness at MR. Riegillio
Leather Harness
Sale price€99.95
Sk8erboy SNIFF ME Socks at MR. RiegillioSk8erboy SNIFF ME Socks at MR. Riegillio
Sk8erboy SNIFF ME Socks
Sale price€16.95
Black Leather Cap at MR. RiegillioBlack Leather Cap at MR. Riegillio
Black Leather Cap
Sale price€39.95
Black Leather JoggerBlack Leather Jogger at MR. Riegillio
Black Leather Jogger
Sale price€189.95
Black Wrist Wallet at MR. RiegillioBlack Wrist Wallet at MR. Riegillio
Black Wrist Wallet
Sale price€19.95
Black Leather Cargo Short at MR. Riegillio