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Great tie, but a bit short

I love the product, but as a taller man (5ft11 / 180cm) the length of the tie is just a tad too short for me to be able to tie it and have it hang comfortably. The tie has to be tied so shortly that it won't even fit in the keeper loop. If it was a bit longer, it would be perfect!


Fits perfectly and I look insanely hot.

Love the colour. Amazing quality.

Great pant

Great pant but very long for me

Perfect items

Size and shape is just as expected

Sehr begeistert - Klasse!

Die Hose habe ich bestellt - zwei Tage später war sie da. Ausgepackt - passte wie angegossen. Sehr gute Qualität. Ich würde die Hose wieder kaufen. Danke für den tollen Service! Immer gerne wieder!

Black Leather mini shorts (sized small and perfect fit)

Fantastic shorts. The fit and construction are top notch and the leather is so buttery soft…. awesome short for lounging around and when friends are visiting…..wink

My long shorts in perforated leather (sized small and perfect fit)

Great fit and construction. these shorts are awesome. Can’t wait to hit Wilton Manors wearing them…. Just have to figure out what to wear underneath the shorts as they are quite revealing… woof

Brilliant little bargain

Just when you think you’ve bought enough! The blue tracksuit top and bottoms are cracking. Great fit and feel and look amazing.


The carbon-neutral pricing started off at one price, and then when I had trouble completing the steps to my order and started again, the price was different. That was a bit annoying. This concept is probably a good idea for helping people realize their "footprint" when doing business, but it might also discourage distance purchases.

Hi Bruce the total amount is calculated based on distance and weight by EcoCart. This means that if your cart changes the total amount will change too. ^Simon

Zoltan sweater

I love this sweater, it looks and feels great. The neck is a bit too tight though, so it is a bit difficult to put it on.

Great colour, great quality

Tight for first wearing but settled nicely on subsequent outings.
Inside care label was scratchy so had to be cut out.
The subtle dark blue colour is definitely different, which I like a lot.

Great product

Actually ordered two of them as the reviews

Mister B Leather Belt Stitched 5 cm - Black

Have to say I was disappointed for the price the belt is not of a good quality of leather and is not as thick as I’d have liked.

Hey Craig I am surprised to hear that as these belts from Mister B are considered as one of the best in the market. Sorry to hear that you are not that happy with it. If you want to return this belt you can easily process it though our return center. ^Simon

Perforated leather tank top

I love this top. I’m looking forward to being able to wear this out. It’s comfortable and the side zip makes it easy to get on and off. Fit is also perfect for me. Looks really great with the perforated leather shorts! I discovered this brand while on vacation in Amsterdam and I asked the guy where his leather was from and then ordered it when I got back home.

Quality goods

The ties I bought arrived quickly and well packaged. I was immediately impressed by the look of the ties and the quality of the leather. Highly recommended

Good grip

Nice product, fits like a glove ;)

Amazing product and service

These cool leather pants fit me well enough, and I’m a female. I wouldn’t have a chance to choose such a perfect size for me if it wasn’t for the great and fast service…
They answered me within a few hours and I ended up ordering the product the same day! So perfect!

Black Leather Tie

Beau matériau

Très beau matériau! Texture lisse et brillante comme du vrai cuir. Pour du faux cuir, la texture et l'apparence sont assez convaincantes. Le faux cuir ne respire pas alors ce chandail est très chaud à porter. Comme il n y a pas de fermeture éclaire sur le côté il est difficile à enfler.

great quality

an awesome tracksuit and is really great way to meet more kinky people! way better than Recon.

Great product. Not happy with the shipping.

As usually, the quality of the products is outstanding.
This time I made a mistake in my orders and I could not rectify: I purchased 2 items and I could not add the second one to the first order. That would have saved me the shipping costs on both items. Instead, I paid both separately and what was my surprise: both items arrived in the same parcel (I paid double and obviously there was a saving in the shipping!). Again, really happy with your products, but I felt a bit disappointed with that issue of the shipping.

All you have to do was to reach out to our Customer Service and we would be more than happy to refund it ;) ^Simon

Love the trucker jacket

Great jacket. Feels and looks good. Very fast delivery from Europe to Australia.

Just perfect!! You did a good job, guys!!

The dream shirt, I must say. Well built, unique finishing. Smooth and comfortable leather. Amazing to be worn. Not to say, the notes sent. All the folders and so. It's not only a product. It's a whole experience. For sure I hope to be able to repeat this. I'm in love with the shirt. From kinkister to kinkister. Leather Hugs from Brazil!! (Although I'm still in Sofia, Bulgaria)

Sk8erboy HOT Socks White