Rubber Micro Perforated Hood at MR. RiegillioRubber Micro Perforated Hood at MR. Riegillio

Rubber Micro Perforated Hood

Rubber Zip T-Shirt - Red at MR. RiegillioRubber Zip T-Shirt - Red at MR. Riegillio

Rubber Zip T-Shirt - Red

Rubber Zip Tank Top - Black at MR. RiegillioRubber Zip Tank Top - Black at MR. Riegillio
Sold out

Rubber Zip Tank Top - Black

Heavy Rubber Belt at MR. RiegillioHeavy Rubber Belt at MR. Riegillio

Heavy Rubber Belt

Rubber Surf Suit - Black at MR. RiegillioRubber Surf Suit - Black at MR. Riegillio

Rubber Surf Suit - Black

Rubber Jockstrap - Red Stripe at MR. RiegillioRubber Jockstrap - Red Stripe at MR. Riegillio

Rubber Jockstrap - Red Stripe

Perfect Shine - Premium at MR. RiegillioPerfect Shine - Premium at MR. Riegillio

Perfect Shine - Premium

Special Wash LATEX/RUBBER at MR. RiegillioSpecial Wash LATEX/RUBBER at MR. Riegillio


Mister B SHINE 200 ml at MR. RiegillioMister B SHINE 200 ml at MR. Riegillio

Mister B SHINE 200 ml

RUBB Rubber Polish 250 ml at MR. RiegillioRUBB Rubber Polish 250 ml at MR. Riegillio

RUBB Rubber Polish 250 ml

Mister B TALC Powder 150 gr. at MR. RiegillioMister B TALC Powder 150 gr. at MR. Riegillio

Mister B TALC Powder 150 gr.

Rubber Pride Fetish Flag 90 x 150 cm at MR. Riegillio
Rubber Zip T-Shirt - CollarRubber Zip T-Shirt - Collar

Rubber Zip T-Shirt - Collar

Rubber Zip T-Shirt - BlackRubber Zip T-Shirt - Black

Rubber Zip T-Shirt - Black

Rubber Open Polo - Red StripesRubber Open Polo - Red Stripes

Rubber Open Polo - Red Stripes


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Shop Rubber Fetish Clothing

Men’s rubber fetish wear is some of the hottest pieces around. The texture, slight compression and sound make it a multi-sensory experience – if you haven’ tried it, you’re missing out 💯!!! MR. loves when it’s all shiny! Our rubber fetish shop carries all the items you need, great gear and all the cleaners, polishes and shiners you need – keep your gear looking as great as the day you got it. Our rubber shirts are a sexy and easy way to sneak some rubber into your life…you’re sure to get attention from the right people ;)~  Don’t be shy with mixing and matching your rubber gear with something from our leather collection (I’m thinking pants and a jacket!) or even integrating your rubber with some shiny PVC gear…a rubber shirt under a slick tracksuit IS. ABSOLUTE. P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N!!!

Rubber Fetishwear Store

A once-stop, rubber shop with excellent customer service, FREE Shipping with minimum order and fast order turnarounds!  We’ve got the goods and we’re ready to ship them directly to you! Have a sizing question, we’re happy to help. Need some help creating a complete(and SEXY!) rubber outfit?  Look no further than MR, Riegillio’s Rubber Shop! Our product selection instantly solves so many of the issues that come up while shopping for rubber, especially for the first-time shoppers. Shop with confidence knowing your order will ship quickly and discreetly(with no waiting for custom orders to be completed).

Fetish Rubber for Men

We have created a specialized rubber fetish gear collection that compliments a man’s physique. Our products are refined to be the best of the best! Shopping for sexy latex gear – made easy in one location – without having to navigate multiple sites. We’re here to outfit you in the most luxurious latex and make sure everything is perfect. Over 5,000 5-Star Reviews can’t be wrong!

Take care of your rubber fetish gear! And it will take good care of you! 👍

Rubber gear comes with great rewards…and a little responsibility. Keep a few things in mind and your rubber fetish gear will be with you for a long time 💙 💙 💙

1) Oil and latex(rubber) DO NOT MIX!!! Keep this in mind with any oil/fat that might come in contact with your beloved gear. Think about Lube/Crisco, lotions, body products(deodorant), food, people’s hands/body oils and residue from any of these. Oils will weaken and degrade your latex items, resulting in tears or worse. 

2) Be mindful of metal! Some metals can damage rubber. This can happen quickly. Think about metal on clothing (rivets/zippers), harnesses, coins, keys, belts and any surfaces you might come in contact with. Stainless steel SHOULD generally be okay, but please be mindful. 

3)Dressing! Most form-fitting latex will need some help getting onto your body. Two of the easiest ways are a liquid or powder dressing aid. These can come in many forms. The most common forms of these are silicone-based (latex LOVES silicone based lubes) and some sort of ‘Talc’ powder to slip into your skin-tight sensual delights. Lastly, don’t forget to keep it clean and shiny!


-Clean, polish, dry and use dressing aids with your rubber gear
-Pay attention when ordering for sizes and thickness (as needed)
-Store your gear appropriately - using appropriate products/conditioner
-Avoid direct sunlight to avoid degradation/deterioration
-Avoid any fat/grease/oil-based products or contact
-Avoid unknown metal contact to avoid melting/discoloration


-Use any oil-based products
-Rub/scratch/sit on abrasive or sharp items
-Store your gear dirty/wet/compressed
-Hang to dry in the sun or on metal hangers
-Leave your rubber dirty after wearing