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beGLOSS Special Wash is the perfect LATEX care detergent! - 100ml

Latex is a sensitive natural product which is worn like a second skin. Due to its properties, it easily absorbs substances from its environment. Sweat, skin particles, smells (smoke, perfume), dust, dirt as well as grease and oils are collected on the latex surface.

If latex is not properly cleaned after wearing, problems will arise.

The material becomes porous, brittle and becomes damaged as a result of deposits such as body oils, liquids, dead skin or house dust. The latex clothing is discoloured and can become odorous.

If you polish unwashed latex, it can lead to very unsightly streaks and oil deposits. The high gloss finish is lost, and the latex surface will no longer shine.

Even worse! The contaminants on the latex surface (both inside and outside) are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Therefore, thorough cleaning, i.e. washing the latex, is recommended.

Correct storage after the wash cycle should also be ensured. Don't just hang the clothes in the closet or even in a plastic bag. Germs can multiply and mould can form.

For latex storage, we recommend treating the clothes to a silicone oil bath (beGLOSS Easy Glide or beGLOSS Perfect Shine) after washing or using our beGLOSS talcum powder for particularly valuable items of clothing.

Why use beGLOSS Special Wash Latex?

With the "Special Wash Latex" detergent, cleaning of latex clothing is effortless and hygienically clean.

Conventional detergents, dishwashing liquid, household detergents or other cleaners can contain additives and ingredients that can destroy the latex material and its adhesive bonds. Using these detergents is a risk and can quickly become expensive. The latex surface can become matte, dull and start to disintegrate. Oils or latex polish are completely unsuitable for washing!

The latex also takes on the fragrance of conventional cleaners. That is why we do not have any unnecessary additives!

Proper cleaning is quick and easy with beGLOSS. It immediately removes grease, oil and skin residues as it also neutralises odours. The washing detergent cares for and protects the latex material as well as all seams and adhesive connections.

The bottle contains 100ml (ground price per 1l = €169,50)