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Article: - 🔥◼️ Fetish Fashion Forward ◼️🔥 -

- 🔥◼️ Fetish Fashion Forward ◼️🔥 -

- 🔥◼️ Fetish Fashion Forward ◼️🔥 -

Fetish clothing is HOTTER than ever right now and House of Riegillio couldn’t be happier, but why limit yourself to one genre?!!! As Riegillio has brought fetishwear to street fashion…the blurred lines become a palette for exploration and self expression! Restricting yourself to only one fetish (e.g. leather) can limit your opportunities to experience joy 🏳️‍🌈 

Get 🌶️ spicy 🌶️ with your combinations and create some mix-and-match mashups from different sections of your fetish closet! 

Some say never mix business with pleasure…but we couldn’t recommend it more! Why not pass the workday in your favorite leather pants, combined with a sensible work shirt and matching leather tie? Perhaps you switch it up and match one of our classic leather shirts with your work slacks, shoes, belt and tie! You’ll enjoy yourself in some sexy gear at the office and you’re sure to draw some attention for your impeccable fashion sense! Perhaps you’ll even get that promotion!

When it comes to rubber the opportunities are ENDLESS! Any piece of rubber is an immediate attention grabber…and feels incredibly sexy  😈 Due to the form-fitting nature or rubber…it makes a great base layer…combine that sexy base with a tracksuit or any sportswear pieces for a fitness fetish combination made in heaven–perfect for sweating in the gym, nightclub or cruising bar!  Latex and leather are a powerful combo…the slick and sexy aspects of rubber garments set the scene for a sensual experience that is only heightened when paired with leather. Allow your inner kinkster to surface as you create alter ego after alter ego! Imagine rubber drone meets strict leather daddy…and you’re in HEAVEN!

If you’re a sucker for the SHINE! Mix and match ALL. THINGS. SHINE!!! Wear your rubber with PVC for an unforgettable feeling and impeccable look! Our shiny nylon collection brings you the best of SHINE, comfort and feels like it’s barely there!!! You’ll be on cloud 9: shine edition! Get comfy at home or take your fabulous shiny self to the streets! Mainstream fashion has been taking a page out of Riegillio’s book lately and shine is definitely IN!!!

Streetwear and fetish really do go hand in hand. Jeans with a sleek rubber shirt…even better add a leather jacket and some boots…people won’t know what to think(we know what they’re thinking)…but they’ll definitely be looking. You eat with your eyes first 😉

Continue to go forward expressing yourself and wrapping yourselves up like the sexy little presents you are!!!     😈❤️🎁


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