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Model Application at MR. Riegillio

Are you someone with a passion for kink, a love for gear, and photogenic flair?

We're on the lookout for models to help us shape our brand. Our only requirement is that you're photogenic! Your background, body type (we embrace all shapes and sizes), age (must be 18+), or skin tone don't matter – just be yourself! We appreciate the beauty in authenticity.

We seek models capable of capturing stunning photos independently or with the help of someone close. There are no strict guidelines on where or how you should take pictures, but we're not interested in bedroom or kitchen selfies.

We'll provide you with the clothing for free, and in return, we ask for fantastic pictures that we can use on our website, social media, and in marketing campaigns. As a token of our gratitude, you get to keep the clothes and earn our eternal love. Plus, you become a valuable part of the incredible journey of building MR. Riegillio!

Excited to join? Complete the form, showcase your best pictures, and share why you'd like to model for us and how you plan to arrange the photos.

Become a part of the MR. Riegillio Crew & fill in our model application here