Be sexy, be fair, be suskinkable

Hello there Kinksters!

We want to take some time to talk about an important topic to us – our corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

We are fully aware at MR. Riegillio that all of our operations have an impact on our environment and society. We strongly believe that the only thing that should be hot is YOU, but not the planet.

For this reason, we started our Suskinkability program – our kinky initiatives towards sustainability! Whether we are designing new fetish items, dispatching your favorite gear or repurposing your worn-out outfits, we want to look after the environment and the communities we work with! And the best part of it – you can help along the way! :)

First, we are introducing the highlight and crowning piece of Suskinkability mission – our partnership with Regreener. Each month we will plant trees in our own MR. Forest, by which we support green projects to prevent deforestation and stimulate biodiversity. And guess what, you can have your own tree!  Once you get to the checkout, you will be able to offset the totality of the CO2 emissions of your order by clicking “Plant a tree”. The collected funds will be used to finance tree planting and growing in Zambia, Mozambique and Kenya. Learn more about it on our Regreener page.

Additionally, it is not only important to regreen the planet, but also to make sure we are creating less waste added to the landfills. And we got the ultimate solution for that! Help us repurpose your favorite gear! Send us back your overused gear, so that we can clean it or reuse its material for other kinky outfits. To thank you for your contribution, we will award you with a discount voucher on your next order! Woohooo! How cool is that? Find out here what you need to do.

Although it can happen you feel you have used your favorite gear enough, they are made to last! We keep working on fetish fashion designs that will always remain in their designated place: on your body or in your wardrobe. Each of our fetish gear is designed for the long run, no matter where and when you use it ;)

As we are becoming a sustainable online retailer, it was only logical to aim to reduce our emissions and waste as much as possible. Each of our shipping partners introduced environmentally friendly mobilities such as sustainable fuels, optimized engines and even bicycle deliveries! On our side, we are moving towards more recycled and recyclable packaging, be it eco-friendly wrapping paper or paper bags instead of polybags. And on top of that, we even got certified by Grüner Punkt for our actions towards climate protection!

What we do does not only count for our lovely gear heads, but also all of our employees. Each day at MR. Riegillio should be an opportunity to take action regarding social and environmental justice. We ensure that each of our employees can find a safe space at the office and can express themselves as much as they want. We also empower them to reduce their carbon footprint by switching to eco-friendly office supplies and low-carbon mobilities for their daily commute.

And finally (drumrolls), we are introducing our MR. Eco collection, the first suskinkable fetish gear made from eco-friendly materials – woohoo! The collection includes stunning T-Shirts completely made from organic cotton, a fresh tote bag for all your suskinkable items, and new, absolutely hot PVC gear made from recycled materials! Have a look and check out what is awaiting you. 

Discover and read all about our suskinkable initiatives here and learn how YOU can be part of it!

This is only the beginning, and we are excited to show you more in the next few months. So, until then - stay sexy, fair and suskinkable!



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