As a little boy ...

When your young, you want to fit in, be popular .. and I my case, be a girl. Well ... not literally of course, but I would rather play with barbies than cars :)

When my friends started to play spice girl (I know) I always wanted to be Victoria. Growing up with three sisters and no dad made it hard to find any boyish things in the house I assume.

Getting older I noticed that I might be a different than other classmates. Although I was called ‘gay’ sometimes I did not paid any attention to that as I had no idea. Yes, I did had a best friend and shared my gel pens and candy with, I didn’t thought I was idea. Apparently they were right…

I remember it like it was yesterday when I made my first comment about a man at the beginning of high school. I was in the bookstore with my mother and two sisters. While one sister was looking at a magazine with boring ponies and the other one was falling in love with the newest Backstreet Boys magazine I couldn’t let my eyes of this gossip magazine with Peter Andre on the cover. Peter Andre … half naked and wearing this extremely tight shiny leather pants… I shouted to my mom; wow, this man is really really beautiful!

My ‘girly’ life continued in high school was I was the only boy in the class, with 17 girls. As I was pretty sure I was not a girl, I did had this great connection with them. I wanted to talked about fashion and boys too!

In that time I’ve got a subscription to a magazine for young people with these posters inside.. Soon my Spice Girls and Destiny's Child posters where replaced by Josh Hartnett with his leather biker jackets, Justin Timberlake in his red leather pants and the Backstreet Boys in oversized PVC outfits ...

So yes.
They were right.

​I still wanna talk about boys, and now I'm working in the fashion industry. It took some time to figure it all out, but I guess I know now ;)

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