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MR. Riegillio x Ecocart

By partnering with EcoCart, we aim for a climate-neutral approach to contribute to a greener world by offsetting the CO2 emitted during the delivery of your gear. This way, we can work together on reducing the carbon and protecting hectares of wetland by planting trees and supporting EcoCart's offsetting project in the Ayeyarwady Delta in Myanmar. 

Previously, we partnered with Regreener with amazing achievements. You can read about our impacts with Regreener here

Who is ECOcart and what is their mission in Myanmar?

Only 16% of the original mangrove forest remains on the Myanmar coastline. Human activities have led the destruction of the mangrove forests. Often cut down for use as firewood or for clearing the way for farming rice, palm oil, or shrimp. The destruction and deforestation has devastated the blue carbon ecosystem and has destroyed the very resource that protects and nourishes communities.

This project is working to restore those forests. Mangrove forests have immense benefits. They help stabilize the coastline, reduce erosion, provide protection from storms, and are home to fish, birds and plants.

Mangroves store as much as four times the carbon stored in inland forests. So when we lose mangroves, the climate suffers directly. 5 million new mangrove trees have been planted with hopes of planting another 5 million trees in the next two years. The project also works with the local communities to adapt to more sustainable practices and help conservation efforts.

WHAT are the benefits?

-> This project teaches local citizens a new way to ensure a sustainable livelihood and how to utilize the resources from the healthy mangroves rather than destroy them for wood.

-> Communities are invested in mutual benefit and long-term sustainability, when the mangroves are healthy they can provide fish populations the opportunity to recover, shrimp and crab return in numbers, and plants grow naturally in the forests. All of these can be sustainably harvested for food or as crops for sale.

-> Ecotourism is in harmony with the natural landscapes, seascapes and local lifestyles. This also brings jobs and revenue to the local communities.

-> Conservation of biodiversity, endemic endangered flora, wildlife and coral reefs in adaptation to climate change.


Once you reached the checkout, you will have the possibility to tick the box Carbon Neutral Order. This way, you will offset the CO2 emissions of your order by supporting EcoCart's offsetting project. EcoCart will automatically calculate the amount it costs to make your order carbon neutral. This is based on your location and the weight of your order. The funds will go directly to EcoCart, supporting the offsetting initiatives of the Mangroves in Myanmar. 

*This product cannot be exchanged or refunded. Terms apply:

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about our Suskinkability initiatives, feel free to read more in our Corporate Social Responsibility Report or send us a mail via