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Article: Sylven meets Felix

Sylven meets Felix

Sylven meets Felix

Hello lads! SylvenV here with a new interview about fetish and kinks in daily life. This month I met Felix, a kinkster from the UK. Let's get ready for the chat!

Introduce yourself!
Hello! My name is Felix and I am 24 years old. I live in Derbyshire, England! I live here with my daddy Steve. I work in Human Resources by day and by night, I am known as RubberFelix

How did you discover MR. Riegillio?
A few years ago in the fetish scene in Manchester. Many people I know wore pieces of gear and mixed and matched. Such a good idea! My partner also has a few items from MR. Riegillio which I’ve tried on and loved. I’ve recently bought a black tracksuit which is great fun and many people have given me compliments on the outfit. It’s super shiny! I also love the fact that MR. Riegillio is size inclusive. Sadly, many fetish brands are not. 
What are your fetish/ kinks?
I am into lots of things. From the usual things to explore my dominant side (I am vers). I’ve recently started exploring leather and more PVC which is exciting. Fetish and kinks for me aren’t linear; I’m excited to learn more about myself in the future. 

Does your partner share your fetish/ kinks? 
We have similar kinks, definitely, but it is healthy to explore individuality. We respect each other’s boundaries and communicate with each other. Plus, he’s my daddy ;) 

You are open about HIV, is it an issue these days?
I’d like to sit here and say no, it’s all fine; there are no issues at all but that simply isn’t the truth. I still see now on social media apps, people using the terms “are you clean” or “are you infected with STD’s” etc, which makes me feel as if I am somewhat unclean or dirty.  But I know, this isn’t true. There is a serious lack of education across all communities and people still think that if you have HIV, you will die from AIDS. I am living proof that this is a false narrative. 

When you are on effective medication, you become undetectable. What does it mean to be undetectable? HIV medication (antiretroviral treatment, or ART) works by reducing the amount of the virus in the blood to undetectable levels. This means the levels of HIV are so low that the virus cannot be passed on. This is called having an undetectable viral load or being undetectable.

Please, know your status and get tested. Feel free to contact me if you need
advice or a chat. 

Are there things you still want to discover?
Absolutely; I am sure there is more out there to discover and to learn about myself. It’s exciting!
I have some MR. Riegillio leathers and PVC tracksuits now but the first thing I want to discover is latex, I saw on your website amazing latex stuff and later more group fun.

Are you going to visit events like Folsom/Darklands?
Absolutely, one day! I have many friends who have been and heard very good things. I enjoy seeing the photographs on social media; I’ll be there! 

What's on your gear wishlist?
Some leather perhaps like the new style with the piping on the shirts and shorts, or another classic tracksuit. It is nearly Christmas… so I can’t wait for what Santa brings me :)

Thank you Felix for this open talk about your life! Hope to see you soon <3 take care!

Xx SylvenV


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