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Article: Sylven meets Remy

Sylven meets Remy

Sylven meets Remy

Hello boys, are you fully recovered from Darklands Fest?! It's time for a new chat with Remy from Cologne. A allround fetish boy with a sexy job ^^ let's continue reading!

Can you give me an introduction about you?
I'm Remy alias kinky_cgn, 40 years old - live in Cologne and trained carpenter. At some point I turned my hobby into a job and completed an apprenticeship as a firefighter.

In my free time I like to meet up with friends, go jogging, swimming, cycling and a bit of home gym. Otherwise you can find me in one of the many Veedel in Cologne, on Schaafenstraße or also on the Rhine.

When I'm not at home, where I like to chill, cook and watch netflix, I'm drawn to Berlin, Munich and other countries - the Netherlands, Spain and where it's usually nice and warm (beach feeling) or really cold (skiing) 😊

Do people know at work about your fetish?
I live in Cologne and the people here are very open when it comes to homosexuality and fetishes, which should actually be normal – not just in Cologne, but all over the world. Of course there are also fetishes that not everyone can relate to – I don’t like everything either, but I also don’t want to know what some people do with their partners at home.

My colleagues are also rather reserved, interested and respect me/it. On duty, like everyone else, I wear a normal uniform and when many people think that we rescue cats from trees every day, hold thick hoses in our hands or poles slide down, then unfortunately I have to break this dream. We do our job and are there for EVERYONE 24/7 - to help those who need help in acute situations. We are very well trained for this and it is a lot of fun - even if it sometimes pushes our physical and mental limits.

What’s your first impression about fetish?
Years ago, when I visited a friend in Berlin, I happened to walk in the direction of Fuggerstraße and suddenly ended up on Folsom. Before that I always had friends who were into MR.Riegillio leather and rubber, but I never had much contact with them myself.

Folsom showed me how versatile and colorful the fetish is. My prejudice that leather is only worn by older, bearded people has also been completely invalidated. No matter what age, appearance, nationality, religion - people just stood together in a great atmosphere, celebrated and expressed their fetish.

That day, I walked across Motzstraße and threw myself in rubber and leather and what can I say, I like it!

How did you discover MR.Riegillio?
Cologne is not far from the Netherlands. I had my first contacts here early on, because when I was a littleboy I often visited my grandparents on their boat in Roermond.

I find the Dutch super attractive - they look good, are friendly and cut a sporty figure on their Dutch bike  At some point I met a couple of Dutch people in Berlin at Eastern who wore a really great MR.Riegillio style. The gear just looked insanely good and stylish - an eye-catcher and aroused my interest. Unfortunately, there was no one in Cologne who had MR.Riegillio in their range, which is why I went the classic route via the website and ended up with my first outfit from MR.Riegillio.

Even the presentation of the website seemed professional and the advice (I was unsure about the size choice) was superfriendly. The quality and price were also right, so it was quick to order and delivered even faster. It was actually like a birthday, colorfully wrapped gear with a nice personal card...  In the meantime there is also gearfrom MR.Riegillio here in Cologne (e.g. at Best of Cologne) and so I now havea large selection of different MR.Riegillio outfits, which I am supersatisfied with!  

Your fetish if mostly sportswear, rubber and leather. Do you have beside that other things you like?
Sportswear certainly also includessocks and sneakers - although I just like to wear them to match my outfit. The AF1 or Tns from Nike are preferred. I also like to wear the Soxs from Nike,Adidas or Sk8erboy. Leather is versatile, the leather look is classic, but whatI also really like is motorcycle gear – from the Dainese one-piece suit to theKTM cross outfit, for example.

Do you feel like a different person when you are in a different type of fetish gear?
No, not really – I am and always willbe me. Rubber and leather are two completely different outfits and it always depends on the event and, in the case of rubber, above all on the temperature when you're out and about with it. Both outfits have something special. Rubber looks mega, especially the tight-fitting rubber on the trained body,shiny and in combination with socks, sneaxs and harness. But the leather outfit also looks strictly dominant and stylish - even if I'm more of the opposite.

Do you go to other fetish events?
At the moment I personally only know the Folsom and Eastern from Berlin and a few small parties here in Cologne and Munich. The Darklands in Antwerp and also the Fetish Pride on Gran Canaria would tempt me, unfortunately I haven't had the time for it yet. But maybe there will be a nice boy who will take me along *smile*

What MR.Riegillio product is on your wishlist?
There is a lot, because MR.Riegillio also has a lot to offer 😊
But I find the current leather outfits from MR.Riegillio really hot, which, in addition to the imitation leather, also cut a really good figure! The new rubber suits on the MR.Riegillio website are what I really like to buy soon!

Thank you Remy for this talk about your fetish life! See you soon in Cologne for a beer.Did you enjoy this? And wanna talk about kinks by yourself? Hit me up and maby see you next month ^^

Xx SylvenV


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