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Article: Sylven meets Maurice aka pup Rizz

Sylven meets Maurice aka pup Rizz

Sylven meets Maurice aka pup Rizz

Hee guys! SylvenV is back. This month I had the honor to meet Maurice, he is from Utrecht and he is the first runner up from Mister Leather Netherlands 2023 (MLN). A tru fetish guy with more kinky sides than I knew ^^) lets see what he is into; lets go!

Can you give me a short introduction about you
I am Maurice aka pup Rizz, 27 years old and I'm a wedding planner and event stylist.I Live in Nieuwegein and am currently single, Just moved and also love thrift stores! Really a kind of "guilty pleasure" where you can occasionally find real gems. And my motto is real, with willpower and the right mindset you can achieve anything!

What’s your fetish?
My fetish is mainly leather, it is tough and exudes power. Something that is very important to me, nothing as attractive as a confident (maybe also dominant) man who also radiates this!

Do you have anything besides leather, other fetish?
Beside leather, I am also into puppy play, the playful and cuddly aspect without having to be directly sexual and also the relationship between the dominant and submissive.

You are into puppy play but what’s your role in pup play? Holder pup / pup or both?
I'm a pup myself and besides playing with a Handler/ owner or anyone who is interested at all, it's also fun to play with other pups. As a puppy I am more in the submissive role, although of course there are also very dominant puppies

Do you want to discover some new kinks in your fetish?

At the moment I am also increasingly discovering the dominant role myself. It started when I bought my leather shirts from MR. Riegillio, it gives me power! It's not just a bit of pain and humiliation but especially a bit of power. I control what happens and how it happens, startling someone for a while and at the same time making them "crave" you and want more. Provoking and making them want to make an effort for you.

There is of course much more to discover and sometimes you do something just to see the other person enjoying themselves. Even if you don't have anything with it yourself, nothing more fun than seeing the other person enjoy or hear them moan.

Are you happy that you did participate in MLN?
YEAH! I am proud of the fact that I have been able to show myself in my leather gear from Mr Riegillio and tell the message that I have been able to tell, I am proud of everyone who is themselves. The Learning community feels like a very safe place where everyone can be themselves. Everyone is accepted, puppies are also welcome, for example, even though it is quite new and unknown for some people. After my act I was quite relieved, it was quite “out of my comfort zone” but if I do something then something with a message!

What was the goal for our leather community if you were the winner?
Especially to stimulate and welcome a new generation, young or inexperienced fetishists who may not have leather yet are also welcome with fake leather pants or something else. It is something you have to invest in and it should perhaps be made a little more accessible. That's why I'm so happy with Mr. Riegillio, it is affordable and accessible. Acceptance must become broader, connect target groups and be visible. I hope, even though I didn't win, that I am a "face" where people can feel safe and will not feel embarrassed to ask questions. If you see me somewhere, feel free to approach me for a chat or a hug! I hope that I can be an example that people recognize themselves in, I may not meet the "standard" but I am nice and myself!

Do you have a favorite MR. Riegillio leather product?
I am really very happy with my new leather snake print jacket in bordeaux red! And of course I immediately ordered this in black! Love the new collection.

What’s on your leather wish list?
I still think there new Leather Zipper Vest is very cool! And I already have the matching pants with the same color blue (which you also see on the photo on the website)

Thank you Maurice for this talk about your fetish and daily life! I hope all the naughty kinksters are gonna check you out.




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