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Leather Boots

Leather boots complete your leather fetish persona

Leather boots for real leather boys and men, carefully selected by MR. Riegillio.  Command attention, demand comfort! Complete your outfit with our signature leather joggers and the most affordable leather shirts you can find!


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Steel Boots Skinhead Boots 10 hole at MR. RiegillioSteel Boots Skinhead Boots 10 hole at MR. Riegillio
Steel Boots Skinhead Boots 10 hole
Sale price$215.00
Black Steel Boots Skinhead Boots 20 hole at MR. RiegillioBlack Steel Boots Skinhead Boots 20 hole at MR. Riegillio
Black Steel Boots Skinhead Boots 20 hole
Sale price$247.00
Save 38%Boots Laces at MR. RiegillioBoots Laces at MR. Riegillio
Boots Laces
Sale price$10.00 Regular price$16.00

Your boots tell your story...
...and let it be a good one! From the moment you receive your new(est) pair of boots, they begin to form to you. They become more and more comfortable as you break in the boot leather and it forms to your feet and legs. They also start to take on impressions and memories from your experiences, you get to carry these with you for as long as you have them.

Question: How do you clean leather products?
Answer: Please don't take a shower with your garment (it doesn't like to swim) or let it sun(bathe). Our leather products are designed and crafted of the finest materials available. To maintain the appearance of your leather product we recommend that you clean it with a soft dry cloth. Don't use any chemical cleaners to care for this product!

Question: Will leather extend while wearing?
Answer: While you are wearing me I will continuously suit you more and more. We recommend getting your leather a little tight and not too big as it will extend!

Question: Does MR. Riegillio use genuine leather?
Answer: We do! We have several kinds of leathers, from 100% aniline full grain Cowhide to soft Sheep leather, all leather got such a special treatment that it's very soft and smooth!