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Article: It's World Earth Day - Time to be suskinkable!

It's World Earth Day - Time to be suskinkable!

It's World Earth Day - Time to be suskinkable!

Seven months ago, we shared with you our Suskinkability program to show you how we strive to be ethical fetish designers as well as an eco-friendly retailer. As it was only the beginning of our journey, we want to give you an update today on World Earth Day to show you how we take our Suskinkability responsibilities even further.

Make your purchases carbon-neutral

Each time you purchased your new fetish outfit, you helped us plant trees thanks to our partnership with Regreener. Through 7 months, you and we planted 2041 trees altogether - a massive MR. Forest, thanks to your support!

Of course, we are not stopping there and we will go even further to give you as many possibilities to offset your CO2 emissions. That's why we chose to work with a new partner: EcoCart. Once you reach your check-out, you will be able to make your purchase carbon-neutral by clicking the box. The funds will help us regrow Myanmar's Mangrove forests. Get to know more about our partnership here.

Sending kinky love, greener every day!

As an online retailer, we address the carbon footprint of our logistics daily. Our carriers PostNL, FedEx and DHL are continuously striving towards greener transportation. However, we want to do even more for our packaging!

If you are in Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium, you will soon see “Do Good Bags” replacing our former plastic bags. Those bags, made from recycled paper, have an FSC label and feature two strips, so that you are able to reuse them for your eventual returns. 

They will also help us reduce the total shipping volume of your packages, which will help us reduce our CO2 emissions. 

We want you to Repurpose and Re-use

Our Repurpose and Reuse program is still running! Keep sending us your former gear so that we can clean and upcycle them to new and exciting outfits! 

Check out all information about our program here and do not forget, you will get discounts for each product you send us.

Become your own MR. Eco

We couldn’t be prouder to have launched our first MR. Eco collection with PVC and textile outfits made from organic and/or recycled materials. The collection is available here. Stay tuned as we are continuously working on expanding our collection with new fetish and eco-friendly gear.

You can read all information about our suskinkable initiatives here

We would like to thank you again for your endless support. We are excited and motivated to keep becoming more eco-friendly in our practices and strive for even more suskinkability! 

Until next time - be fetish, be suskinkable!


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