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Leather Care Instructions

I'm (just like you) something very special as I am made out of a very special manufactured and natural product. Through this I'm achieving my special and unique look. Please note; my colour might transfer on to lighter coloured materials.

Please don't take a shower with your garment (it doesn't like to swim) or let it sun(bathe). Our leather products are designed and crafted of the finest materials available. To maintain the appearance of your leather product we recommend the following:

- Treat the item with care, and limit exposure to direct heat and sunlight.
- Keep this item dry, and avoid damp or wet surfaces.
- Clean with a soft dry cloth.
- Do not use any chemical cleaners to care for this product.

While you are wearing me I will continuously suit you more and more. Additional and unforeseeable irregularities on service, color and wearing comfort can occur and the behaviour and special character of the leather might change. This makes the product unique and can not be seen as a cause of complaint. 

We also have a special leather cleaner available, click here.