This unique premium sneakerbox coms in two versions: full transparent or black.

The sneakerbox is 36*27*22cm and fits various shoes & boots up to size US13 / EU47 / UK12.

The shoe box is made of healthy, non-toxic and environment-friendly PP material, which is sturdy and durable. Light soft plastic is used around the shoe box, and hard plastic is used for the door frame and back cover, which are very stable after assembly. There are two upgraded magnets on the door, which provide suction when the door is closed.

These sneaker boxes can be stacked to any size you want, they can be put in the closet, the room, the garage, as long as you have enough space, it can accommodate all your shoes. And not just for shoes guys! Display your dirty 🧦, puppy hood, swimming diploma or your favorite perfume!

Super easy to set up. And the best thing is; it can also be disassembled in case you wanna move to a much bigger house with a much bigger sneaker room!

Your shoes are protected from dust and dirt, or keep the smell inside 🔥