🌈🌈 Let’s make this summer a HUGE party...and everyone’s invited!!!🌈🌈

As more aspects of our lives are reopening and things start to get back to normal, we can’t help but be excited for everything that’s happening!!! PRIDE!!! And wondering if our life really ever was that normal?!?

This year, PRIDE is an extra special celebration of life and EVERYBODY that makes up our wonderful community...and we mean EVERYBODY. If you’re queer, a kinkster, family, an ally or ANYWHERE else in the rainbow of life...CHEERS to you all!!!

MR. Riegillio and friends love nothing more than a big, wild, inclusive party...truly come as you are! In fact, we’re so passionate about personal expression, freedom, exhilaration and celebration - We’ve become Platinum Sponsors for 🔥Darklands Antwerp🔥  AND 🔥 Folsom Berlin🔥 !!! We’d love to see you there celebrating and showing us your special brand of MR. R pride! We’ve even created our very own Pride Collection 2021, enjoy! 

Personal expression can be exploring your fetishes through outfits and costumes, or just adding a special flair to your personal style! If you’re kinky, we’re 100% on board with that! Being able to express MORE of yourself is what MR. Riegillio has always been about...and always growing, always innovating! While this journey into different aspects of yourself can be fun/wild/sexy/intimidating/exhilarating...it helps to have outlets that understand who you are! 

Just like we’re most comfortable with our like-minded group of friends, where you can just be yourself(wearing something tight/SHINY/stretchy/leathery)! MR. Riegillio is committed to holding these festival spaces open as a place for safe self expression and self discovery! Feel the love that’s present for ALL of the community...and then...take your WHOLE SELF back out into the world. The more we represent ourselves, the more safe and accepting space we create in our communities and world!  BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF, ALWAYS!!!

As inspiration for your PRIDEFUL season, a quote from the inspirational RuPaul~

If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

💜 Big Hugs to our world-wide community!💜

Thank you for being you!

MR. Riegillio

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