MR. Riegillio x Regreener

By partnering with Regreener, we aim for a climate-neutral approach to contribute to a greener world by offsetting the CO2 emitted during the production and delivery of your gear. Additionally, we are compensating for MR. Riegillio’s carbon footprint and protecting hectares of rainforest by planting trees and supporting different Regreener projects monthly. You can visit our Regreener profile to learn more about our current impact and which projects we are supporting.

Who is Regreener and what is their mission?

Carbon emissions are rising, which is resulting in a temperature rise, leading to extreme weather conditions, rising water levels and biodiversity loss. This persistent issue is not only affecting us today but also the generations of tomorrow. We need to act now and all together. Regreener teamed up with reliable and sustainable organizations and projects globally to “regreen the world” and fight climate change by planting trees and preventing deforestation, supporting green initiatives and stimulating biodiversity. You can find monthly updates and reports about Regreener’s activities on their website, providing transparency and trust.

How can you take action and help? 

Once you reached the checkout, you will have the possibility to tick the box Plant a Tree for just EUR 0.75, which will be added to our MR. Forest. This way, you will offset the CO2 emissions of your order, by planting a tree through Regreener. The funds will go directly to Regreener, supporting their reforestation initiatives in Mozambique and Kenya, as well as agricultural training for local farmers in Zambia.

*This product cannot be exchanged or refunded. Terms apply:

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about our Suskinkability initiatives, feel free to read more in our Corporate Social Responsibility Report or send us a mail via