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Be Fetish, Be Suskinkable

Discover our initiatives to contribute to a more sustainable and ethical Fetish Fashion industry and learn how you can take action with us along the way - whether it be by growing into a sustainable online retailer, becoming an eco-friendly company or an even more responsible employer. 

Discover Our Initiatives

Plant a Tree

Compensate for your footprint and Regreen the planet


Create less waste and give your favorite gear a second life


Care for your gear, it is made to last a long time


Making sure your package does not come with a CO2 heavy label


Creating a sustainable and ethical work environment

Help us grow a SusKinkable
MR. Forest

Our partnership with EcoCart is truly one of the crowning achievements of our sustainability initiative. Make sure you contribute to their tree planting project in Myanmar by making your order carbon neutral at the checkout. This way you help fight the destruction of mangroves in the area as well as improving the life of local communities by working on a sustainable livelihood. 

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Repurpose your favorite gear

Landfill waste is disproportionately increasing throughout the globe. If your gear no longer makes you happy, send it our way. We will make sure it gets a second lease on life. This way we avoid hurting the environment and we can encourage others to do the same. 

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Make it last the trends

Our gear is made to last. We put emphasis on build quality and our choice of fabrics. We want you to look at your gear feeling confident it is going to last for years and years to come. To help it stay in the best shape you can check out our Pflegehinweise.

Introducing Our Mr. Eco Collection

MR. Eco - our first suskinkable and eco-friendly collection is here! We are very proud to introduce these original outfits made from recycled and organic materials. Get the first taste of what is awaiting you hier mehr erfahren.

fetish fashion around the world

Shipping your gear in a eco-friendly manner to keep carbon emissions at the lowest level possible is of utmost importance to us. Moving towards more sustainable packaging is part of our mission to a greener planet.

Work at
MR. Riegillio

One of the building blocks of sustainability is the empowerment of the people you work with. Fair wages, equal opportunities, and a non-discriminatory and safe place of work, alongside a greener office for our employees to enjoy — these are standards that we, at MR. Riegillio, have and will continue to uphold.

Want to know more?

We had to keep it short and sweet, but if you are interested in a more comprehensive breakdown of our suskinkable efforts click here for our Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Click here for ouResponsible Business Conduct.