If you want to clean me, just use a wet towel, or make myself a nice, not too hot, warm handwas. Although it is easy to clean, its important to protect it afterwards, otherwise it will become dry, which can cause cracking or splits occurring.

Lay your Vegan Leather item in its natural shape on a drying rack or hang to dry. Remember: never put it in the dryer! We recommend to store this not folded, but on a clothing hanger.

Yes. We all love to bake. But be aware of the butter. CriscNO. Also special caution for oil based liquids!

Please note that due to the thickness of the artificial leather you will see some wrinkles in the material. The good thing is: this makes the product unique and can not be seen as a cause of complaint.  

We also have a special Faux Leather cleaner available, click here.