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Black Leather Cargo Short - Yellow Piping

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These rugged cargo shorts are made from 100% Sheep Leather which adds style and durability. The Black finished leather is very supple and has an excellent feel and weight.

The design elements make these shorts really stand out. The front pockets are tailored to add style and accessibility while the back and side cargo pockets secure with a snap closure. The Yellow piping, five belt loops, a zipper fly and saddleback detailing give these shorts a solidly sexy appearance.

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Sheep leather is known for its softness, light weight and strength. It is one of the most resilient leathers, as the leather is composed of a very dense weave of fibres of small diameter interspersed by numerous elastic fibres. This structure of the leather gives the hide a distinctive tight grainy texture with ridges, resembling to pebbles. The natural properties of the full grain sheep leather means that the backside can look like it's damaged, this is not the case, it occurs naturally inside the skins specially with sheep leather.