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Black Leather Sports Pants - Red Stripe

Sale price€209.95


Presenting the distinctive attributes of our Leather Sports Pants
  • A bold red leather stripe accentuates the side, infusing a dynamic and stylish element.
  • Zipped pockets provide a functional yet fashionable storage solution, ensuring you're both practical and trendy.
  • Cuffs equipped with zippers facilitate easy access, allowing you to adapt your style effortlessly.
  • A practical drawstring on the waist adds a touch of versatility to these leather sports pants.
For those who crave an elegant and fashion-forward presence, look no further than these Black Leather Pants! Elevate your style, indulge your preferences, and marry fetish with contemporary sophistication.

Crafted from exceptionally soft cowhide leather, these pants boast a snug fit that feels like a second skin – a harmonious blend of comfort and allure. Explore the ultimate fusion of fetish and fashion, achieving a look that's both stylish and seductive, making a bold statement wherever you go.