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Heavy PVC Dungaree

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These definitely aren’t your grandpa’s overalls!  This Heavy duty PVC Dungaree brings a shiny twist on these industrial classic pants. Ranking somewhere between coveralls and a sleeveless romper with a sexy twist – the thru-zip zipper runs from the top of the crotch fly all the way down and then up the back…all the way to the top of the back piece. We’re talking some SERIOUS exposure when completely opened.

Unique? ✅ Sexy? ✅ Fucktional? ✅ Obviously! Consider these pants your personal wingman for your next festival or cruise night! When you’re rocking these overalls wearing a shirt is up to your discretion. Slim fit design with a zipper on the side for ease of dressing. 

  • heavy pvc
  • slim fit
  • thru zip front to back
  • snaps on the handles
  • side zipper to get in
  • front chest pocket
  • two size pockets
  • two back pockets