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House of Riegillio: Fragrance Sticks #39

Sale price€49.95

Number 39 is the number of our flagship store–The House of Riegillio–located in the heart of Amsterdam’s gayest district. Our commemorative fragrance transforms your space with intoxicating and mysterious top notes and a sultry foundation of robust and primal base notes. 

House of Riegillio offers inspiration and provides the palette to design your own world in its truest beauty. Explore, enjoy and thrive in your own definition of YOU. Give yourself the permission to bloom.

Enjoy the exquisiteness in the everyday by bringing more luxe into your daily rotation. 39 is the perfect complement to your brightest or most obscure places.

House of Riegillio Fragrance Sticks diffuse our signature scents into your space, tastefully freshening over time. Enjoy our scents in all of your favorite spaces.

The bottle contains 200ml (ground price per 1l = €249,75)