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Leather Padded Front Zipper Pants

Sale price€239.95



This pair of biker inspired pants really heats up the party fast! The padded front panel is part of a ‘sailor front’ fly with side zippers. Once unzipped and lowered the panel reveals the snap closures at the waist and also some additional snaps lower inside the fly that create a 🕳️ for your 🍆 to rest inside the pouch behind the front panel, if desired. 🔥❤️‍🔥🔥 This can create a fuller bulge, add some sensation or provide easy access. ZIP ZIP Let’s just say it’s a ‘Total Package’!

These pants are a blend of classic biker and modern leather fetish wear. Find your own favorite way to style them. Dress them up or dress them down. Wear them with a Lace Up Brando Jacket, a fresh new T-Shirt or this Red Leather Biker Shirt.

These pants have cross-hatched stitching padded panels on the crotch, knees and seat. All pockets (2 front and 2 back) are zippered. Belt loops accommodate a leather belt. MR. logo tag on right side near hip. These pants could become your new best friend or help you meet one! Regardless, these high quality genuine cow hide leather pants will be with you for a while with proper care.