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MR. ECO PVC In&Out Tracksuit Pants

Sale price€89.95 Regular price€149.95

Are you in love with PVC? Then wait no more, this grorgeous MR. ECO PVC In&Out Tracksuit Pants is on its way - made completely from recycled materials! 

This trendsetting PVC Track Pants is designed with a MR. printed logo on the left leg and two sidepockets. It’s truly a delight to your senses - slick to the touch, you can hear the glossy black PVC crackle as it moves with you.

You will not only feel the recycled PVC from the outside, but also from the inside! Let your suskinkable side out ;)

Product Notes:
- See Sizing Chart on this page to determine your perfect size!
- PVC is a non-elastic material, if it has been stretched it will not return to its original finish/shape.
- Keep your PVC looking TOP with Gloss PVC/Vinyl Cleaner and these handy tips.