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Pansexual Flag 90cm x 150cm

Sale price€14.95

Show them your Pansexual Pride! Pansexual, which is also sometimes referred to as omnisexual, is a sexual identity that refers to having sexual, romantic or emotional attraction toward those of any gender identity. Unlike many others, for a pansexual person, gender doesn’t typically matter when it comes to their attraction to another. This means that they can fall in love with or be attracted to men, women, agender, genderqueer or nonbinary folks.

Show the world that you are pansexual and proud of it with this large, light, yet sturdy flag. The Pansexual Pride Flag has three horizontal stripes: pink, yellow and blue. According to most definitions, pink represents female-identified folks, blue represents those who are male-identified while yellow represents nonbinary identities.

The flag is 90 cm tall by 150 cm long, digitally printed in one piece on polyester, with a stable side edge and two eyelets for fastening.