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Perfect Shine - Premium

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beGLOSS Perfect Shine PREMIUM SPRAY - 100ml

The perfect polish and care for latex clothing. beGLOSS has revolutionised latex care and polishing. Our innovative composition ensures a completely dry high gloss latex shine and effectively prevents the hair from sticking in the latex oil of the clothing. It has an antistatic effect. Sit on furniture worry free, because beGLOSS Perfect Shine Premium Spray is resistant to smearing when touched.

In order to optimally prepare your latex for polishing and care, the latex material should be washed beforehand with a high-quality special detergent.

Only with good preparation of the latex can the Premium Spray in combination with the beGLOSS Wipe penetrate deep into the latex and seal it, condition it and protect it in the long term from environmental influences such as dust, skin particles, deodorant, perfume etc.

Due to the surface sealing, the colours of the latex are highlighted brilliantly and remain true to colour as the latex achieves a velvety soft and smooth high gloss look and feel.

The latex is protected from wear by our revolutionary formula and prevents clothing from sticking.

As we only use the best ingredients, the latex polish is much more productive than normal latex polishes. The application is very easy because the spray can also be applied upside down and its viscosity evenly distributes itself across the surface.

Our bottles feature a tamper-evident film which is hygienically sealed and protected from being tampered with. PREMIUM SPRAY latex comes sealed for transport.

The spray is suitable for all types of latex such as chlorinated latex, Datex etc.

The bottle contains 100ml (ground price per 1l = €199,50)