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Pride Flag - PVC - 90 x 150 cm

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The PVC Pride Flag, designed by Anthony Ozorai and chosen by the community through a survey conducted by MR. Riegillio, symbolizes the vibrant and diverse PVC fetish community. Its design is rooted in the original colors of PVC and rain gear—black, yellow, and army green—reflecting the traditional attire of fishermen and farmers. Black represents kink and vinyl, emphasizing the material's importance in fetish culture. Yellow signifies creativity, energy, and the joy of embracing this unique fetish. Army green, a blend of black and yellow, symbolizes brotherhood and the resilience to overcome adversity and oppression.

The flag features lines inspired by the chemical formula of PVC: C2H3Cl, adding a scientific touch that connects the design to its material origins. The overall aesthetic draws a parallel to the rubber flag, highlighting the shared shiny and sleek appearance of both materials. The flag stands as a beacon of solidarity, creativity, and the enduring spirit of the PVC community.

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