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PVC 24 Tracksuit Short Thru Zip – Black

Sale price€89.95



PVC 24 Tracksuit Thru Zip Shorts contain a special little secret 😈 🔥 The thru zip allows you to unzip from the front fly all the way through to the rear. This allows you easy access to flaunt your assets. Show some extra skin while showcasing that classic MR. SHINE! These Shorts compliment our PVC 24 Tracksuit Jackets!


  • Shiny PVC construction
  • Short shorts 
  • Thru zip zipper
  • Elasticized drawstring waist
  • Zippered side pockets
  • MR. Logo

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Product Notes:
- See Sizing Chart on this page to determine your perfect size!
- PVC is a non-elastic material, if it has been stretched it will not return to its original finish/shape.
- Keep your PVC looking TOP with Gloss PVC/Vinyl Cleaner and these handy tips.