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Sk8erboy HOT Socks White

Sale price€16.95 Regular price€18.95
It doesn't get any hotter!  New HOT Socks from Sk8erboy! 

Fresh from the laboratory and still burning hot! The Sk8erboy HOT socks in a flame design. Only the best for horny hot guys!!

As usual, equipped with our hot fluffy sole, you can make your feet sweat quickly and your sneakers glow. Wet your dates so you can put out the fire quickly! Once on your feet, you won't want to take them off again.

Composition: 95% Cotton 5% elastane.

ATTENTION: new socks have to be washed before the first use. They will get the final size then.

ATTENTION: Always wash new socks before first use. Only then will they receive the final size. This item is not suitable for return due to health protection and hygienic reasons.