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SNKRFTSH Flag - 90 x 150 cm

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The SNKRFTSH Pride Flag, designed by MR. Riegillio, symbolizes the passion and community of sneaker lovers, collectors, and enthusiasts. The flag features a sleek black and white design with the logo "SNKRFTSH" prominently displayed in the center. Between the letters "R" and "F," a star symbol represents the shine and allure of coveted sneakers.

Black embodies the elegance and sophistication of high-end sneaker culture, while white symbolizes purity and the unblemished desire for the perfect pair. The flag not only represents the love for sneakers as collectibles and streetwear but also acknowledges the deeper fetishistic passion some individuals have for them.

The SNKRFTSH Pride Flag aims to foster a sense of unity and identity among sneaker aficionados, celebrating their shared enthusiasm and dedication. It serves as a visible emblem of pride, community, and the unique culture that surrounds sneaker fandom

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