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SNKRFTSH Sneaker Deodoriser

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Introducing SNKRFTSH Sneaker Deodorizer: Banish Sneaker Odors and Step with Confidence!

We all love our sneakers, but let's face it – they can get a little less than fresh after a few wears. And although many of you like the smell of it, if you don't.... our Sneaker Deodorizer comes to the rescue, offering a simple yet effective solution to keep your kicks smelling as good as they look.

Key Features:
1. Odor Elimination: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with our Sneaker Deodorizer. Our advanced formula doesn't just mask smells; it eliminates them at the source, leaving your sneakers odor-free.

2. Long-Lasting Freshness: Our deodorizer doesn't offer a temporary fix. It provides lasting freshness that keeps your sneakers smelling clean and inviting, wear after wear.

3. Gentle on Materials: Worried about the impact on your sneakers? Rest assured, our formula is gentle and safe for all materials, from leather to canvas to mesh. It won't harm or discolor your favorite footwear.

4. Easy Application: Using our Sneaker Deodorizer is a breeze. Just a few sprays inside your sneakers, and you're good to go. It dries quickly, so you can slip your shoes on and head out confidently.

5. Versatile Use: It's not just for sneakers! Our deodorizer can be used on other footwear, gym bags, and sports equipment – anywhere that needs a touch of freshness.

6. Clean Scent: Enjoy the light, clean scent our deodorizer leaves behind. It's subtle and pleasant, enhancing your overall footwear experience.

At SNKRFTSH, we understand that confidence starts from the ground up. With our Sneaker Deodorizer, you can stride with assurance, knowing your sneakers are free from any unwanted odors. Elevate your sneaker game and your confidence – choose SNKRFTSH Sneaker Deodorizer today!

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Deionized Water (93%), zinc diricinoleate (5%), N-Alkyl Aminopropyl (2%)
The bottle contains 120ml (ground price per 1l = €155,40)