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SNKRFTSH Sneaker Protector

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Introducing SNKRFTSH Sneaker Protector Spray: Your Sneakers' Shield Against the Elements!

Don't let rain, mud, or unexpected spills compromise the pristine look of your beloved sneakers. Our Sneaker Protector Spray is your secret weapon for keeping your kicks looking fresh, no matter what comes their way.

Key Features:
1. Water and Stain Resistance: Our advanced formula creates an invisible shield that repels water and prevents stains from setting in. Say goodbye to soggy shoes and unsightly marks.

2. All-Weather Protection: Whether it's a rainy day, a muddy trail, or a spilled coffee, our Sneaker Protector Spray has you covered. Keep your sneakers looking clean and stylish, whatever the weather.

3. Safe for All Materials: Worried about damaging your sneakers? Don't be. Our spray is safe to use on a wide range of materials, including leather, canvas, suede, and more. It won't alter the look or feel of your favorite kicks.

4. Quick and Easy Application: Applying the spray is a breeze. Just a few spritzes evenly cover your sneakers, creating a protective barrier without any hassle.

5. Long-Lasting Protection: Enjoy peace of mind with long-lasting protection. Our formula keeps your sneakers guarded for multiple wears, ensuring they stay in top-notch condition.

6. Versatile Use: It's not just for sneakers! Use our Sneaker Protector Spray on other footwear, bags, or accessories to keep them looking their best.

At SNKRFTSH, we're committed to helping you extend the life of your sneakers while maintaining their original style. With our Sneaker Protector Spray, you can confidently step out into the world, knowing your sneakers are shielded from the unexpected. Keep your sneakers looking fresh and ready for any adventure – choose SNKRFTSH Sneaker Protector Spray today!

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Deionized water (90-92%), Fluoro-carbon resin (8-10%)

The bottle contains 120ml (ground price per 1l = €155,40)