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The Misfits - Complete 5 Part Book Series by Nick Christie

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The Misfits - Complete 5 Part Book Series by Nick Christie
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5 Amazon Customer ratings
(Hardcore gay erotic novel, containing graphic sex, BDSM) 

“Max is a wealthy British businessman who is in Chicago looking for some action. Business by day, but lover of leather by night. He takes on a chance encounter by connecting with a younger guy in a bar for some fun. They turn their attentions on another lad who is easy pickings but also willing for some aggressive action.

This Chance Meeting is the start of a very fruitful relationship for all three.  The connection and hard action encounter develops further as the story unfolds, with Max opening doors and great opportunities for the young men.  Opportunities to travel and find further action with other men.  Max’s introduction to leather and all its beauty awakens new urges in the lads. 

Will Max take these lads all the way, or will they fail and fall by the way side?  One thing’s for sure Max, was going to have these young men, and have then his way. 

His way is the only way, and that’s always in leather gear.”

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