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Transgender Pride Flag 90 x 150 cm

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Show your trans pride! The term transgender (or trans) can have different meanings to different people. Typically, this identity belongs to those whose gender is not the same as the one they were assigned at birth. For example, a trans man is someone who was assigned female at birth. Some folks don’t have a gender that fits within the binary of man/woman and they may identify as gender nonbinary, agender or any of a variety of other gender identities beyond cisgender (not trans). 

Show the world that you are proud with this large, light, yet sturdy flag. The Transgender Pride Flag is a symbol of transgender rights and the unapologetic pride of being transgender. The flag has helped to represent, mobilize and make the transgender population more visible and united and has become an internationally recognizable symbol of diversity within the community. The flag was designed by an openly transgender American woman, Monica Helms, in 1999.

The flag is 90 cm tall by 150 cm long, digitally printed in one piece on polyester, with a stable side edge and two eyelets for fastening.